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Welcome to the Career section of Victoria Courts. We pride ourselves in being a company that seeks to acquire relevant talent for our team. We intend to give opportunities to the team to grow the highest potential within the organization and beyond.

We aim to provide challenging and rewarding career opportunities to everyone who joins us. Every opportunity is crafted to allow a powerful and lasting contribution to the future of Retail business in the region. Here at Victoria Courts, we are seeking ways to ensure that our Colleagues not only make the most of their careers but also the most out of their lives.

We value our colleagues as our greatest asset to the organization. Our policies and procedures are aimed to make this a great place to be and still have high levels of working standards.

Our aim to expand our goods and services within the region in a very practical and systematic way as we impact people’s lives every day.  The team is well equipped for this noble task with the zeal and determination to make this happen.

We have a great working environment and thus the ambiance is beyond the usual working spaces. This makes it a real pleasure to come to work every day and make a positive contribution to the organization and society at large.

We are deliberate to create time to train our teams in order to keep up with the current trends in the market relevant to our industry. We ensure that the team is fully knowledgeable of all the products in the showroom and thus give the customer value for their time and money spent with us.  We access the internet as part of our tools for training allowing the team to have the current information in both visual and audio forms. We closely liaise with our suppliers both locally and internationally for training sessions in order to correctly relay the same knowledge to our esteemed customers. We too have chosen to benchmark ourselves with international standards and that’s the kind of service you will find with our staff.

So are you the kind of person we are looking for?

Smiling should be part of your lifestyle; we love to work with people who make others smile too☺. You had better have a real passion for life, be a people-person, not afraid to be anyone you can be within the work environment. You are someone who is self-motivated; very ambitious and able to work well with the rest of the team.

We are driven to work towards our agreed Vision and Mission and embrace our Core Values.

As a company, we endeavor to give a well above reasonable remuneration and benefits package for our team within our industry. Since we believe there is more to work than just the salary, we have a reward and compensation scheme for our well-performing colleagues.  This is very competitive and we look to match up as a choice employer within the region and industry.

On this page, we shall on a ‘need to hire’ basis share with your career opportunities within the organization. You will be directed on how to apply and send the relevant documents with a prescribed deadline. However, feel free to also send your CV ONLY ( in pdf format) via the link provided for us to create and maintain a data bank for the future. We shall use this information to get in touch with you should the need arise.

We have an open lateral management system that allows colleagues to fully interact with each other regardless of the position or job title held in the organization. We respect each other as human beings with a lot to offer each other. This is lived within our organizational culture that embraces our values.