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4 Reasons Why It’s The Best Time To Buy Furniture In Kenya

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When was the last time you just walked into furniture shop anywhere in Kenya and bought a custom piece of home furniture? Most people buy because they have saved enough money and a few buy because they want something new but the most common reason we buy things for our home is because the time is right. When is the right time you ask? Simple…when you need a new sofa, bed, side table or when you want to change your dining table, sideboard, when the price of that vintage vase is right or when you find that piece of furniture you have been looking for.

In our opinion, the right time to buy furniture in Kenya is right now!

Think about it this way, you have been thinking about replacing your TV cabinet or wall unit for a while or you have wanted to add something exciting to the room like a unique coffee table or side tables or even getting something completely different from your usual considerations to the space like a leather recliner or a swing chair and have been wondering when to do so. Right now, is the best time to go out and pick out those items you need.

To know it’s the right time, just look around at all the furniture sales going on all over the country. Every furniture and furnishings shop from Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret and everywhere else in Kenya has something on offer that anyone can afford, right now. Some supermarkets have even joined the fray making this the best time of year to make those furniture and home furnishings investments, whether big or small.  Remember, every piece of furniture makes your home more personal and comfortable.

There are different reasons to buy but by far we think there are several key ones, right now:

  1. End of range items: Establishments bring in a set number of items per product range and at the end of that cycle, there are quality products, in good shape and fashionable that may not fit into the next range coming in. These items are therefore put on sale to make room for the next set and are therefore stand out products at a great price.
  2. Good deals: To help the items move, prices have been slashed, even up to half the original price. Do not see this as a loss in value of the item but rather consider it an opportunity to get a good quality product at a favourable price, just like the day you get two packets of milk for the price of one. Wouldn’t you buy that offer? Why not take advantage of the current offers?
  3. Variety: Seeing that almost every home furniture and furnishings establishment has a sale right now, just imagine how much variety is available. Different shops carry different styled seats, tables, beds and so an intentional visit to different home furniture shops will help one find unique pieces that fit together but that you would otherwise been unable to get them. There is also variety in product colour and finish which are great to take advantage of, right now.
  4. Credit facilities: In the past, it was difficult to get credit but not so anymore. In the event one doesn’t have all the cash, most furniture shops can organise flexible payment plans through financing partners like LipaLater and Aspira. For as little as one thousand shillings a month, one can get a piece of furniture and ‘pay as they go’. This means that you are able to enjoy that bunk bed or dining table immediately, even as you pay for it over time. What could be better than that? This not only opens the door for larger furniture purchases, it also allows individuals to dream big and plan how they spend their income. There is no need to fear repossession when you determine your maximum repayment rate in advance based on your income and expenditure. Therefore, do take advantage of the available credit facilities.

In reality, there is something for everyone in the Kenyan furniture market right now and that makes it possible for anyone to have beautiful furniture ‘things’ at a price they can afford. We recommend you head to any of our Victoria Courts furniture shops all over Kenya and look through the available chairs, tables, seats, shelves, dividers, linen, curtains, and other accessories that will change the look of your home and make it stand out! Make you are one of those getting great furniture products and accessories at favourable price!



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