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Four Reasons Wall Units Still Matter | Victoria Courts

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Don’t roll your eyes at the sound of the word wall unit it is valuable.

A wall unit is a standalone or built in piece of furniture that became very popular about 25 years ago in Kenya. It’s an assembly of different components usually fixed to a solid frame or on an internal wall of a room. Wall units have always been an inspirational piece at the centre of the typical Kenyan home, often sitting in the middle of the living room with fixtures that range in style from contemporary to traditional and are made to order to match the decor of the living room. Their customisation is at the request of the customer to ensure the best fit and integration into the existing space.

In recent years, global furniture trends have shifted and there has been a decline in the popularity of wall units. The previously popular large chunky pieces have become outdated and many have eliminated them altogether. In a culture that prides itself on intergenerational transfer of culture and habit, many mothers in Kenya are disappointed when they realise their children are moving away from wall units without even so much as a backward glance. Wall units represented a sense of accomplishment to the older generation while they represent something too old to hold onto for the younger ones so there lies the contention.

Even as global trends have shifted, there are still four reasons we recommend having a form of wall unit in your home. There are multiple options or ways to have the same impact of the wall unit without the famous big one that would still achieve the same purpose as before. What is the current purpose of the wall unit? Read on…


A wall unit provides a place to keep things neat and orderly with a clear line of sight for important items like that favourite book or remote control. They also reduce the need of additional storage in a living or dining room like cabinets, shelves and cupboards. Unlike in the past when they were big chunky and filled up with stuff to the brim, modern day wall units are smaller based on the actual space available to put them. This makes it important to constantly declutter and give away all extra, rarely used or unnecessary items to create ample space for decorative items, books, media and video equipment, thereby ensuring efficient use of space.


Rooms look harmonious, when the desired wall unit and the other home furnishings and decor are combined and coordinated by colour, texture and design. There are different styles and options for every taste including modular, one piece, single, double, corner, minimalist, dividers or sliding models. The difference is based on things like shelves, cabinets, drawers and doors that enable a homeowner to display or hide elements. Individual style and needs determine which unit will look best on their spaces and therefore impact the look and feel of a living or dining room.


Wall units allow the use of accent pieces that enhance the style of a room. Shelves can have a combination of open, see through and opaque doors that enable placement of decorative elements that enhance your living or dining room. The elements of the units include fluted columns, enhanced wooden pieces, decorative legs or doors, stained or frosted glass, crown moulding, bright coloured decorative among others. The right wall unit provides the right positioning for whatever room or space where it is located.

Space management:

We’ve mentioned before that modern day Kenyan homes aren’t as large as they used to be? A wall unit stands up against a wall and is high so it can store more items and eliminates the need for other units in the room. This in turn increases the space in your rooms and allows greater freedom of movement

Wall units will always be a great addition to any room and interiors in the context of a Kenyan home, whether it’s modern, contemporary or traditional! There are amazing options available in most home furniture shops in Kenya so simply visit one of our shops or experience online shopping at its best. Make mum proud again with one click here.


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