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Home Accessories For The Ultimate Bachelorette Pad

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A bachelor or bachelorette pad is usually a small, tight space where a single person or sometimes two, lives. Many a bachelor or bachelorette don’t spend much time at home but when they do, it’s absolutely critical to be comfortable at all times. This means a cool pad needs to be furnished just right and here is our list of must have furniture and home accessories that are readily available in any furniture shop in Kenya.

First up is a bed. Everyday ends with the need to rest and refresh and one needs a good bed to make this happen. The size depends on the space, the design depends on one’s tastes as there so many bed styles and sizes to choose from. There are solid wooden beds, metal beds or platform beds with storage underneath. A walk through a good furniture shop will give you a glimpse of what is available. A word of caution – it’s important to get good bedding because it makes for a comfortable bed. Bedding includes a mattress, bedsheets and blankets or duvets. A good bed with a bad mattress is a disaster but a good mattress is heaven on earth even in a simple bed.

Next is a seat. Can you imagine hosting your mother or aunt or grandparent and you don’t have a chair? Or what would happen when you come home from work totally wiped out and have to sit on the floor? Seating comes in many different options like a dining chair, a large cushion, a bean bag or even a sofa. Very often there isn’t enough space to have large or full set of sofas so one could consider having a two seater seat or even a corner seat. Corner seats are ideal because they hug the wall and leave space for movement around the room. If you don’t get regular visitors, spend a little bit more and get a leather recliner sofa for your relaxation and daily wind down pleasure.

Third is a table. Imagine sitting to eat or serve food and there is nowhere to place your dishes or plates or drinks. It’s common to find a large coffee table and stools in the middle of the small space that makes it cramped but there are numerous options available in Kenya’s furniture sector today. One could get a coffee table with two stools instead of the usual four stools or a set of side tables that can be stacked and be put away in the corner.

Fourth, there is need for storage. There are two critical aspects to the necessary storage. First off is the kitchen cabinet. A good cabinet or a shelf in the kitchen area is for dishes, cookware and other items and also provides a counter for meal preparation. It needs to be an easy to clean surface and preferably have doors to store all your kitchenware.

The other piece of storage of furniture needed for storage is a wardrobe. This could be a standalone unit for clothing and shoes in the sleeping area or a set of drawers underneath the bed. This hopefully limits the amount of space available and therefore limits the ability to collect too many things and create clutter. A chest of drawers could also do the trick as it will provide space for folded clothes and a counter space to for little items like oils, deodorants and other similar items.

The final element is a lamp. It is easy to keep the overhead light as the focal point or the usual light source but imagine adding a unique lamp beside your bed or in the corner of the room to create that calming tone in the evening to rest. Lamps come in different colours and styles as well as uses. Some are purely decorative and so are slightly dim while others are brighter and adjustable for reading. This is important because the light switch is likely by the door so once relaxed it will ease the need to get up and walk.

Just because your home is a bachelor or bachelorette pad, doesn’t mean it has to be basic. Visit any of Victoria Courts’ furniture shops across Kenya and create the perfect space for yourself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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