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Game Changers That Will Transform Your Living Room

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every once in a while we get this urge to switch things up in our lives. Especially if you are a person of routine, then the want to break the monotony becomes something more of a need.

The most common way to do this is to for one do something completely out of the ordinary. With women, the fastest and most common way to do this is to cut your hair-go all happily ever after on yourself.  Or sometimes, just rearrange the furniture in your house. This, I can confirm is actually therapeutic to some extent.

But with the coming of the end of the year, people would want to make a statement. It’s almost holiday season and everybody would like to leave an impression on the visiting family members. And what better way to do this than to revamp your living room with a great piece of furniture ranging from amazing coffee table designs, comfy recliner sofa set and quality chairs.

As the leading home furniture store in Nairobi, this is our area of expertise.  So let us show you how to do it and do it professionally.


The first and most important detail to know is how much space is available. You need to know what you’re working with. Measure your living room area to know the size of the seat you need to get, this can be a corner sofa, recliner sofa set or a sofa bed. How many couches will fit in and still leave you ample room for navigation.

Color scheme

The second thing one needs to do is pick a color scheme. One of the biggest assumptions that people make is that we have to match most of our items in the same color and the wildest we can do is have different shades of the same color.Today though we are here to dare you to go a little wild and try some new colors. Mix and match them, color block your living room. And to do this  a color palette can be of good use. Select the colors you want to work with and see if they can go along beautifully without being an eye sore.  This can come in handy if you share a living space, everyone can add a dash of their personality artistically.

When picking out colors you need to know how those colors affect a room. Certain colors make a room feel bigger than it really is; other colors bring a warm and cozy feeling to the room. Neutral colors are the most common because they leave room for creativity and versatility. You have the freedom to play around with the curtains, carpets, throw cushions and décor-flowers and vases come into play here. Also getting sofa sets with covers can make it more lively with the ability to change the appearance of your seat as often as you’d like.

At Victoria Courts we offer you more than just furniture, these great ideas will turn your house in to a home that everyone will always be looking forward to spend quality time with your family. Visit our amazing showrooms this Christmas festive season for the best furniture in Nairobi and get excellent ideas and advice from our able sales consultants


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