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How Changing up a Few Pieces Can Make a Huge Impact

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Happy New Year friends! The seasons are swiftly shifting from one to the next, and we are doing our best to embrace all of it. We are swapping out our heavy coats for sun dresses and shirts; and we can finally see blue skies a better part of the day.

While an entire seasonal redesign isn’t in the cards for the vast majority of us, there are tons of ways to make an impact in a space by simply swapping out one or two things. To offer some decorating inspiration as we head into the New year, we`ve gathered a few incredible pieces from our Victoria Courts Branches. From stunning light fixtures to beautiful accent items, these pieces have the power to amplify any aesthetic. Even if you’re not looking to make a massive change to your home, we hope this serves as inspiration for the inner interior designer in us all.


When it comes to infusing new life into your space on a budget, accessories are the place to start. Adding a throw pillow to your couch, a vase to your table, or a piece of art to your walls can help scratch the itch for something new without making a massive dent in your budget.

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We often think carpets don’t get the credit they deserve for the impact they make in a space. If you’re looking to pull a room together by only swapping out one item, we’d suggest a carpet as an excellent place to start. Just as the eyebrows frame your face, a carpet frames the heck out of your room.



Ever notice how the sometimes-terrible overhead lighting in office spaces gives you a headache by the end of the day? Yeah. Lighting matters. As outside gets a lot hotter, let`s face it we`re all going to find ourselves inside a bit more often. And good lighting is crucial to making a space feel like home. Victoria Courts carries a number of modern, elegant lighting options.



If you are in the market to swap out a furniture item or two with something new, here are a few of our favorite items from Victoria Courts. We love the sleek designs of these furniture pieces—their classic shapes make them easy to pair with a wide variety of design aesthetics.


Are you changing up anything in your home this season? We`d love to hear about it in the comments!


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