Styling Floating shelves to decorate your home


Floating shelves are one of the magical unicorns of design; they just seem to work everywhere. They’re often the perfect choice if you need a bit more storage or if you want to add some visual interest to a space. And since they come in all different styles and sizes, they’re incredibly versatile. At Victoria Courts, we have a variety of floating shelves which also come in different colors to suit your home.

  • A dish display

Adding floating shelves on the wall that connects to your cabinets can make it look like it was a part of the original design. This can be a perfect place to showcase your favorite dishes, and you can switch them up whenever you feel inclined.

  • Over and around the TV

Add some floating shelves around your TV to draw the eyes up. In this example, the TV fades into the background. Adding color-coded books to your shelves is another fun trick to attract the eye away from the TV.

  • A night stand in small rooms

Floating wall shelves from Victoria Courts can be the perfect storage solution in a small room. You can use them as a nightstand to keep your essentials handy and accessible. From your car keys to books, you can keep these little things on this corner wall shelf. Use it as a storage solution and a place to decorate pictures of your loved ones.

  • Laundry room storage

The laundry room is another great spot to add shelves if you have the space. You can increase your storage space with a couple of extra floating shelves and quickly upgrade the functionality of your laundry room. If you don’t need the extra storage room, you can add some artwork or some plants to warm up your space.

Behind the couch

Adding wall mount shelves behind the couch is a great way to make that space come alive. You can add decorations for added style or make it a more functional space by adding coasters and candles to increase the chill factor. At Victoria Courts, we have brown and white floating shelves for you to choose from.

Bath Hack

Floating shelves can be miracle workers for anyone who happens to have a small bathroom. If you lack storage in your sink vanity, or just need more space, add shelves to your bathroom walls to manage the overflow of toiletries.

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