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How to chose the perfect kid`s furniture

How to chose the perfect kid`s furniture

Decorating rooms or houses with children in mind takes creativity. Furniture and decor need to be practical and sturdy to live up to wear and tear caused by children, but it also needs to be fun and comfortable to appeal to them. You also want to use elements that the child can grow in to – you don’t want to have to redecorate your house every year! Finding the medium between these can be tricky but that`s where Victoria Courts comes in.

Modern Children’s Furniture

A chest of drawers is key for any children’s room. When it comes to storage for children, it needs to be appealing as an extra incentive to help them keep their areas clean! With modern chest of drawers options like the one below from Victoria Courts, you know your child’s bedroom or playroom will be different than any of their friends.


Choosing colours for modern furniture and decor for children is key for creating an overall atmosphere and environment for their rooms. Pastel colours are calming and can be great for bedrooms or areas where children will be doing homework. Using neutral colours on the walls with pops of colour in the furniture is great for a playroom. Comfortable modern Bean bag chairs at Victoria courts come in bright colours that are fun, durable, and will give a pop of colour to your child’s playroom.

A work area

Important in any child’s room is a work area. While a mahogany desk might not be the best option for helping a child do their homework, there are many kid-friendly options to help them with this!

A table can still be a fun place for children. This particular Sardinia Kid`s set from Victoria Courts is popular in children’s rooms. Adding chalkboards, whiteboards, or bulletin boards around the set can help foster creativity and help the work space double as a play area.




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