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Whether you are moving into your new home or replacing old furniture, you should buy the right sofa set for your living room. There are so many options to choose from however our expert tips are here to help you choose the right sofa set for your home.

Size – measure the space available. A practical way of knowing what the right size is, is by laying down newspapers on the floor and making sure there is enough free space to walk around. Measure the width and length of these spaces before you go to a showroom.

Sofa’s come in a variety of sizes, for smaller rooms, consider up to a 5 Seater, for larger rooms, you can add single seats and recliners. At Victoria Courts, we are able to offer 5 Seaters only or 5 Seaters with added singles.

Style – Sofa’s come in many different styles. From recliner sets to corner sets, from traditional sets to more modern sets. If you want a relaxing experience, go for recliners or corner sofas, for entertaining go for non-reclining modern, static sets.

Material – Sofa’s coming in many different materials, from fabric palominos to leather. Choose the style you want. Don’t worry about dirt and dust, all sofas can be cleaned with the right cleaning agents and technique. Be careful of low-grade leathers or PU leather which tend to peel after a year or so.

Quality – pay for quality, furniture is a big investment, you want it to last for 5-10 years. The cushions should retain their shape, the springs should bounce back as you stand up and the frame should not be felt.

At Victoria Courts, we have a variety of sofa sets to suit all your individual needs

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