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Did you know that sleep is incredibly important for your child’s development? Ensure you pick the right mattress for their all-important sleep with these simple tips:

  • Choose the right size – mattresses come in all sizes and are fully customizable. To pick the correct size, measure the inside length and width of the bed for a perfect fit. When buying a mattress for a bunk bed, be careful not to buy a mattress that is too high.  
  • Be aware of the materials – Children can be sensitive to certain materials which can cause skin irritation or breathing problems and some materials can be too warm especially in the Kenyan heat. Go for breathable organic cotton fabric. If you’re unsure of the composition, ask our mattress experts.
  • Select the right support – The most popular mattresses are Open-Coil Spring (Bonnell Spring), Individual Pocket Spring or Memory foam mattresses. Open-Coil mattresses are most common, they feature an open network of springs which make the mattress more durable. Individual Pocket Spring mattresses are generally more expensive but provide unparalleled comfort as they eliminate motion transfer. Although generally not as durable as open- coil, as the child’s weight isn’t enough to cause damage to the springs this is a better alternative. Memory foam mattresses contour to the shape for the body are hypoallergenic and last much longer than both spring mattresses, perfect for your child’s sleep. 
  • Choose the right level of comfort – All mattresses come in different levels of firmness. Back and side sleepers typically appreciate a firm mattress while a medium-firm mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers. 
  • Mattress protection – kids will be kids and notorious for accidents and they love jumping on beds. A mattress protector is always a good idea regardless of the mattress you choose, it guards against stains, can be waterproof and is removable for washing.

At Victoria Courts, we have a wide range of mattresses to suit all your individual needs. Come into the store and talk to our mattress experts for individualized advice.

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