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Are you having trouble cleaning up your sofa? Are tough stains and spills messing up your tidy room? Worry not; you’re in the right place. These guides will help you deal with all the mess using just a few cleaning detergents, baking soda and more, 

Be fast: The quicker you get the stains out, the easier it will be to remove the stains. Every minute matters when it comes to stains, the longer you take to remove it, the harder it will take to get it all cleaned up.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Each product comes with instructions from its manufacturer. They can be found on the sofa’s tags. Usually they give information on the types of cleaning products to be used while cleaning the fabric. These will ensure proper cleaning with no risk of permanent damage of the fabric.

Understanding the cleaning codes: Each sofa has specific codes as guide on how to clean the fabric. These are also on the fabric’s tag. The table below shows the list of codes and their meaning,


WWater-based cleaner.” Only use a water-based cleaner to clean the upholstery. A water-based cleaner is a type of solution that uses water as the main component.

S/W     “Solvents and water-based cleaners.” It is safe to use both solvents and water-based cleaners.

S Solvents.” Only use a solvent to clean the upholstery. A solvent is a type of solution that uses a cleaning chemical as the main component.

Brush off loose particles: Just before cleaning use a stiff brush with loose stains to remove loose particles. This will ensure that they do not stick to the fabric as you to clean the other stains.

Use vacuum: You may also a hand held vacuum to clean the fabric instead of using a brush. This will help identify sticky stains that may me troublesome and helps in focusing on them while cleaning.

Clean with baking soda: Other than cooking baking soda can be used as a cleaning agent. To use it, mix equal parts of baking soda and water and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply it on the stains and once it’s fully absorbed, use a brush attachment to vacuum it. It’s however advisable to spot treat a test portion on the sofa before cleaning it fully. Another advantage of baking soda is that it helps remove odor on fabric.

Spot treating: If you are unsure of the cleaning agent you are about to use, test a small portion for any discoloration before proceeding. Always follow the instructions on the packaging whether you are using a water based cleaner or a solvent. .

Use a soft cloth to dry the fabric: Pat the wet areas with a dry soft towel to soak up any residual solution. This allows the fabric faster.

Air dry the fabric: Allow the fabric to dry, whether during the day or throughout the night. 

Once you follow these steps, you can enjoy a clean and fresh sofa.

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