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You spend a third of your life in bed, which means it’s vital that you also spend plenty of time choosing the right one. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a bed.Think about the size of your room. Do you have space for a large bed, or would a smaller bed save space for your dresser, chair or desk?

  1. It’s essential that you always try a bed before buying it. Don’t just look at it, lie on it, you need to be really comfortable with your decision.
  2. If you’re going to be sharing a bed, then you need to choose it with your partner. Make sure you have enough space. If you have a big or reasonable size bedroom and your partner is always taking up all the space in the bed then consider investing in king beds or super king beds.
  3. If you want a style statement bed that really adds character to a room, headboards are a must. We have a variety of great designs.
  4. Choose a good bed for your back. Always remember, a good bed should respect the size, shape and specific needs of the sleeper.
  5. Beds and mattresses should work together. Never buy a bed without thinking about the mattress. Ideally a new bed should go with a new mattress.
  6. Do you have pets and children? Choose a lower-to-the-ground bed if you want kids and pets to be able to easily get hop in bed with you. Choose a higher bed if you want the space to be just for adults.

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