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5 Décor ideas to brighten this rainy season

The rainy season doesn’t have to be boring and gloomy. Welcome the rainy days by decorating your living room or bedroom with these easy tips.

The hot weather season is almost gone, and the rainy season is settling in. Gone will be the sunny season and enjoyable outdoor activities; replaced with cloudy days, cold nights, wet pavements, and sluggish indoor moments for a few weeks or months, who knows with Global Warming.

But the rainy season doesn’t have to be gloomy, boring or dreadful. A rainy day has its own advantages. It gives us time to relax, slow down and reflect on our lives, work, and family. On the brighter side, it is an exciting season to redecorate our homes.

Here are 5 tips on how to decorate your house for the rainy season:

  1. Lighten up the room

This is a sure shot and it can do wonders to your home. Lighting up the room with lights, scented candles and chandeliers can make your living room warm and cosy. Warm white lights provide an extra homely touch.


  1. Colour Therapy works wonders

 Applying this tip to your home décor will make sure you enjoy the rainy season in its true sense. Use bright cushion colours like Yellow, Orange, Green, Light Blue and Light Purple for your bedroom and living room and avoid using dark colours as they will make the living room decor dull and gloomy.


  1. Add Swings to your Décor

To enjoy admiring nature, a swing in the balcony is the best idea. During rainy season, it becomes quite difficult to go out of the house for a picnic or spend time with family outside, so grab some snacks or a hot cup of tea and spend quality time with your loved ones in your living room.



  1. Wind chimes

Add a soothing music of the breeze when the wind passes by using wind chimes in your balcony or windows. The soothing music is sure to make your day!



  1. Hang bold art

Think colour when it comes to artwork. Hanging a couple bold pieces of artwork in a living room or bedroom will brighten things up this coming rainy season (and throughout the year!).



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